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Culture, not space, is the greatest distance between two people.

The Iranian American Parents Association (IAPA) was formed in 1994 and has rapidly grown to encompass parents from all five Beverly Hills schools. A board of directors, consisting of active parents, has been formed to forward the organization's objectives. IAPA presents great celebrations for NowRuz every other year.

In organizing the IAPA NowRuz celebration our goal is: "To bring about greater harmony and understanding between the diverse cultures and people that make up this community." All the proceeds from the IAPA events will be donated to The LA County Foster Home Program, The Beverly Hills Unified School District and The Maple Counseling Center.



Watch Photos of One Life To Live, Trip to VIDA Rehab Center

Click here to see Photo Gallery for IAPA Teens Seminar on April 17, 2016

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Parents & Youth Seminar & Panel by IAPA & ISCC

Sunday October 9, 2016
4 pm - 7 pm

Iranian American Parents Association 'One Life to Live', ISCC and Dr. Nanaz Pirnia present:

Please join us for an educational & socially interactive meeting in this Age of Anxiety. for Parents & Youth. Topics: Sex, Facebook & safety , DUI, Drugs, Alcohol, Texting & Driving, STD, Dating, Lack of control, Lack of communication.

Open conversation between parents and youth to provide solutions.

Special guest: TEHRAN, Standup Comedian
At Hyatt Regency , 1107 Jamboree Road, Newport Beach. information: 949.679.9911 .

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"It's Only Weed, Mom!"

An article by: Dr. Nanaz M. Pirnia, Ph.D.

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